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Hemispheres 2022 Edition: Crisis of Authority

Hemispheres 2021 Edition: Coping With Crises

Hemispheres 2020 Edition: Growing Pains

Hemispheres 2019 Edition: Global Visions, Local Interests

Hemispheres 2018 Edition: Dynamic Identities

Hemispheres 2017 Edition: The Global Commons

Hemispheres 2016 Edition: Emerging Actors

Hemispheres 2015 Edition: Marginalized Populations

Hemispheres 2014 Edition: New and Old Wars

Hemispheres 2013 Edition: Redefining Sovereignty and Legitimacy

Hemispheres 2012 Edition: Transitions and Regime Changes

Hemispheres 2011 Edition: International Development and Inequality

Hemispheres 2010 Edition: International Crime

Hemispheres 2009 Edition: Alliances and Agreements

Hemispheres 2008 Edition: International Migration