2019 Photo Exhibit

1. Life in Europe’s Last Dictatorship: Photos Taken in Brest and Minsk, Belarus (June 14-18, 2018) –  Photographer: Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper is a Junior at Tufts University studying International Relations and minoring in Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies. Outside of the classroom he is a member of 180 Consulting and a manager of the Tufts football team.
Ben spent his summer abroad in Tbilisi, Georgia conducting research for a think tank. In his free time, he traveled throughout Europe and spent a weekend in Belarus. Ben chose Belarus as a side trip because of its unique cultural history and hermetic political system. Through his talks with locals, he learned that many Belarusians want a more open political system and greater opportunity to invest in the Western economy. At the same time however, they feel they lack the ability to create this change and are therefore unable to avoid government inefficiencies and political corruption that is rampant in the Belarusian state.
President Alexander Lukashenko is the de facto dictator of the country and has kept the country closely tied to the Russian economy to avoid integration with the West. He has been called “Europe’s last dictator” and uses his power to control every aspect of the Belarusian state.
Through his photographs, Ben captures small aspects of a bizarre lifestyle rarely seen by Western eyes. The combination of Lukashenko’s authoritarian government and the Soviet monuments shown in the photographs act as a medium for Lukashenko to stifle the interests of locals and ignore the globalized vision of the world which has developed since the end of World War II.
Email: Benjamin.Cooper600419@tufts.edu

2. Living in Isolation: North Korea | Photos taken at the DMZ, Pyongyang, and Tumen (May 2017) – Photographer: Jasmine Leung


Jasmine Leung is a senior journalism and global studies student from the University of Hong Kong, hoping to inspire people from her travel journeys and photographs.
Email: jasmineleungpaksee@gmail.com
Instagram: @_jasmineleung_
Website: https://getawaywjas.wordpress.com/


3. Where Old, New, Local, Global Coexist: Photos taken from Cologne, Germany (Feb 8-11, 2018)

Hae Eun Kang is an undergraduate student majoring in International Studies at Korea University, Seoul, South Korea. She always likes to meet new people and is open to diversity. She has had much global experience including a few years spent in Claremont, CA and recent exchange-semester in the University of Mannheim located in Mannheim, Germany. She is currently a student-mentor at the Institute for Global Education where she aids international freshmen.
Email: haeeunkang@gmail.com
SNS(Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/haeeun.kang/?hl=ko

4. Flying across borders: Trip to DC (2018) – Photographer: Maha Waseem

Maha Waseem, while completing a cognitive neuroscience course at Washington University in St Louis, paid a visit to the capital! An avid traveler who thrives on chocolate cake, Waseem is also a poet, who desires to meld Psychology with Art.
Email: maha96@live.com
IG: mahawaseem

5. Many places, many people, one world: Photos from Santiago de Chile – Photographer: Veronika Konickova

 Veronika Konickova is 22 years old student of marketing communication and multimedia from Prague, Czech Republic. Her passions are photography and traveling. She is also very interested in educating herself and in the last year spent her time studying abroad in the United States, Turkey and Chile.
Contact: vk.veronikakonickova@gmail.com
IG @veronikakonickova